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Moon Attack

5 Rockets per pack
20 Packs per carton

Big brother of the Sky Traveller with bigger effects and louder reports - unparalleled value.

18.00 per pack



5 Pieces per pack
24 Packs per carton

Our special 1.5 shell display rockets are a mixture of 5 different stunning effects powered with the extra gunpowder in the ball on the top to produce excellent reports.

12.00 per pack


Devils Screechers

12 Pieces per pack
48 Packs per carton

Ear Plugs at the ready as the Devil sends his Screechers from the depths of hell. With 12 in a pack and 48 packs per carton, the price will have you screeching with delight too.

9.00 per pack


Little Red Devil

9 Pieces per pack
50 Packs per carton

Our hugely popular small rockets scamper across the sky producing surprisingly loud reports with 3 separate stunning effects.

10.00 per pack


Master Blasters

42 Pieces per pack
4 Packs per carton

The true master of all rocket packs blasting 42 rockets across the night sky. Full to bursting with brand new special effects and colours. All you rocket lovers simply cannot afford to miss out on this pack.

120.00 per pack



16 pcs per pack
16 packs per carton

A very popular rocket pack. 16 fun packed, sky filling, outstanding rockets at a price I'm sure you'll find hard to believe

30.00 per pack



1 Piece per pack
24 Packs per carton

These rockets come packaged in pyro mesh. The daddy of all rockets with its 4 shell and maximum permitted gunpowder, must be seen to be believed. Deafening reports added to a special filling array of colour - in a league of its own.

20.00 per pack



1 Piece per pack
24 Packs per carton

These rockets come packaged in pyro mesh. Be awestruck as our largest rocket thunders into the sky exploding into a spectacular of colour and noise.

20.00 per pack