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Lets Party

20 Pieces per box

The younger by only slightly smaller brother of Party Time. Still crammed to bursting with explosive power the Letís Party crate is an event on itís own. Inspirational.

£450.00 per box

bobby dazzler

Bobby Dazzler

14 Pieces per box
24 Boxes per carton

Brand new for 2011. Sunglasses required as this dynamic selection of garden fireworks is packed full of exquisite special effects.

£15.00 per box



40 Pieces per box
2 Boxes per carton

Powerhouse of a box this Panther selection will have all who witness it purring with delight, and majestic colours and dynamic reports blaze the sky.

£120.00 per box


Party Time

45 Pieces per box

Crammed full of our biggest cakes & rockets. This unrivalled selection of fireworks makes any special occasion - extra special. This monster of a box is absolutely unforgettable.

£600.00 per pack



83 Pieces per box
3 Boxes per carton

This unbelievable box of fireworks is just too much to mention. 83 fireworks jammed into one box. This is the ultimate box, rockets, cakes, candles and loads more!

£120.00 per pack



20 Pieces per box
10 Boxes per carton

Ideal for our younger audience. This selection is bursting with colour and vibrant colours.

£24.00 per box


Wizard Selection

30 Pieces per box
4 Boxes per carton

The best selling box for the last 5 years. Outstanding value, so many reports last year of how good the fireworks were. Don't miss out!



Strike Force

36 Pieces per box
3 Boxes per carton

"Shock and awe" as our Strike Force selection powers into the night sky. Producing a combination of fear and enchantment amongst the audience as they marvel in the decadent effects and spine tingling reports.

£99.99 per box